Free Downloadable Star Wars Party Pack

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28 Oct 2009


Star Wars Magazine 5-13

Star Wars: The Clone Wars official comicAs all young Jedi should know, the brand new series of Star Wars: The Clone Wars starts on Sky Movies Premiere/HD on Saturday 24th October at 7.30pm.

So what better way for friends to celebrate than with a Clone Wars party?

Thanks to our friends at the Star Wars: The Clone Wars comic, you’ll find everything you need to organise your Alliance in our downloadable Star Wars: The Clone Wars Party Pack. Invitations, badges, masks – it’s got the lot. There’s even a game of Clone Wars bingo!

On top of that, you and your fellow Padowans will find loads of puzzles and activities to train your minds and channel your energies.

It doesn’t matter whether you throw your party this week or any other – as long as they’re together, the Force is always with fans of The Clone Wars

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