Starter Kit for Wii Fit Review & Giveaway USA & CANADA (03/13)

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1 Mar 2010
 Starter Kit for Wii Fit Review & Giveaway USA & CANADA (03/13)


pdp banner Starter Kit for Wii Fit Review & Giveaway USA & CANADA (03/13)

As you might already know from reading my previous reviews, I made a commitment last year to get into better shape. My goal now is to stay in shape! I love doing Yoga.

Yoga is an ancient practice for bringing body and mind into harmony using meditation, physical postures, breathing, and exercise.

I am not one for going to a gym or a workout class. I find the only way I can work out is in the comfort of my own home. The Wii Fit has been my savour. I recently did a review about how much I love the Wii Active Game and I also really enjoy the original Wii Fit.

I was recently given the opportunity by Pdp – Performance Designed Products to try out a Starter Kit for my Wii Fit. This starter kit came with a high quality Neoprene cover for my Wii Fit Board. For any of you out there that own or have ever tried to exercise on a Wii Fit Board, I am sure like me you find it cold and hard. Sometime it can even get a little slippery if your really working out hard or just trying to hold a pose for a long time. This cover makes your Wii Board soft and comfy. It was really easy to install too. Just open up the package and stretch it out over and under the board. It attaches easily around the disc legs of your board. If you have extension legs on your board you might find it easier to take the extension discs off, put the cover on and then put the extensions back into place. It is a tight and secure fit. Custom made to be fit perfectly with no wrinkles or gaps. I especially like that it doesn’t cover up the push on/off button on the front of the board. The button is still easily accessible. This cover makes the Wii board a lot more slip resistant which is exactly what you need while doing yoga. It also looks fantastic. There is nothing worse than trying to Crescent Moon Pose and falling flat on your face. Or butt as the case may be. If you are a Wii Fit owner, you really must get a Wii Fit cover it will make all the difference in the world when you are working out.wiireview 004 300x174 Starter Kit for Wii Fit Review & Giveaway USA & CANADA (03/13)

wiireview 003 150x150 Starter Kit for Wii Fit Review & Giveaway USA & CANADA (03/13)In addition to the Wii Fit Cover I was also given a Wii Fit Yoga Mat to try out. This Premium Yoga mat from Pdp is far superior to the one I have been using. It came in a really handy clear plastic tote bag. The tote bag is great. Just roll up your yoga mat when your done and slip it into the case, zip it up and attach the carrying shoulder strap. So nice and convenient even for someone like me. Someone, who as I mentioned does not go the gym. It is nice and neat to carry upstairs and put into the closet. It is not in the way and it is also nicely protected while in the case. The mat itself is awesome. The one I received is a funky purple colour which again is much nice than the icky green one I was using. It matches the Wii cover perfectly as you can see in the picture below.wiireview 007 225x300 Starter Kit for Wii Fit Review & Giveaway USA & CANADA (03/13)

This premium mat measures 5.5 mm in thickness and is really nice and spongy under your feet. It makes kneeling and laying down so much softer. No more “Num- Bum” for me, thanks to my new mat. It is really big too-it measures’ approximately 24″ X 72″ so lots of room to stretch and move about. It is great for step classes too. It seems to lower the impact on my knees which I really like. The PdP yoga mat provides maximum comfort and durability. If you also to cardio work outs, this is a wonderful addition for running on the spot and kick back running. I even use it while boxing. I like the cushion feel and get a sense of being more secure and balanced while on it. It is probably because of the non-slip factor. Check out all the wonderful accessories available at The Wii Fit Starter Kit comes in a variety of different colours.

Whether you are a Wii owner or have some other kind of gaming console, has tons of great accessories to choose from. Check out all they have to offer here.

Calling all Wii Fit Owners!!!

The fantastic people at PdP Performance Designed Products are going to give one our dedicated readers a chance to win their very own Starter Kit for Wii Fit.

Mandatory to Enter- just leave a comment below this review as to which other products you would like to own from (1 entry)

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