Cheetah’s Best Way To Use Coupons This Week May 16-22

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28 May 2009

I have searched through this weeks flyers and coupons and came up with the best way to save $$ this week. If you have found any really great deals while out shopping feel free to add a post of your own to this thread. Happy Shopping Everyone and Enjoy your long Holiday Weekend!

French’s Mustard~2/$4.00-Buy2 Save $1.00 coupon (Store)=$2/$3.00 or $1.50 each
Europe’s Best Vegetables~Reg. $2.99/Sale $1.99-$1.00 coupon (store)=.99¢
Lean Cuisine Dinner~Reg.$3.29/Sale $1.99-buy 2 Save $1.00 coupon ($2.98/2 or $1.49 each
Stoffer’s Dinners~ Reg.$3.29/Sale $1.99-Buy 3 Save $2.00 coupon ($3.97/3 or $1.32 each
Bio Best Vitalite~Reg.$3.99/Sale $3.49-.75¢ coupon(store)=$2.74
Pull-Ups~ 2/$35.00-$3.00 coupon (Smart Source)=$32.00
Always Pads~2/$7.00-$1.00 coupon(Brandsaver)=2/$6.00 or $3.00 each
Gillette Body Wash~2/$6.00-$1.00coupon ($5.0
Schick Intuition Razor~$9.99-$2.00 coupon (store0=$7.99
Gardennay Soups~Reg. $2.49/Sale $1.99-Buy 2 Save $1.00 coupon (store)=$2.98/2 or $1.49 each
Ocean Spray Cocktail~Reg.$3.99/Sale $2.99-Buy 2 Save $1.00 coupon (with calendar)=$4.98/2 or $2.49 each
Royale Bathroom Tissue 8 dbl Rolls~ Reg $8.69/Sale $4.99-$1.00 coupon ($3.99
Schneider Sliced Meats~$3.99-$2.00 coupon ($1.99
Cetaphil~Reg.$11.99/Sale$9.99-$2.00 coupon ($7.99
L’Oreal Excellance Hair Colour~ Reg. $10.99/Sale $9.99-$3.00 coupon (Rouge Magazine)=$6.99

Bick’s Pickles~$1.99-Buy 2 get one FREE coupon(came with flyers)=$3.98/3 or $1.33 each
Europe’s Best Fruit~$4.49-$2.00 coupon (store)=$2.49
Bagel-Fuls~$2.49-Buy 2 Save $1.00 coupon (kraft booklet)=$3.98/2 or $1.99 each
Cheese Whiz~$4.99-Buy 2 Save $2.00 coupon (kraft booklet)=$7.98/2 or $3.99 each
Electrasol Gels or Tablets~$4.99-$3.50 coupon (smart source)=$1.49
Huggies Mega Diapers~$14.99-$2.00 coupon (smart source)=$12.99
Ristorante/Casa Di Mama Pizza~ $4.99-.50¢ coupon ($4.49

Cracker Barrel Cheese Bar~$4.99-Buy 3 save $3.00 coupon (kraft booklet)=$11.97/3 or $3.99 each
Blue Water Grilled Fillets~$3.49-Buy 2 save $1.00coupon (store)=$5.98/2 or $2.99 each
Catelli Health Harvest Pasta~$1.79-Buy 2 save $1.00 coupon (store)=$2.58/2 or $1.29 each
Quaker Rice Cakes~3/$5.00-.75¢ coupon ($4.29/3 or $1.42 each

Cracker Barrel Cheese~$3.97-buy 3 save $3.00 coupon (kraft book)=$8.91/3 or $2.97 each
Always Pad~$3.00-$1.00 coupon (brandsaver)=$2.00
Dove Hair Care Products~ $3.00-$1.50 coupon (smart source)=$1.50
Friskies Party Mix Treat~3/$4.00-buy 2 save $1.00 coupon (smart source)=$3.00/3 or $1.00 each
Electrasol Powerballs~$5.00-$3.50 coupon (smart source)=$1.50 (wow)
Little Swimmers~$8.00-$2.00 coupon (smart source)=$6.00

Royal Bathroom Tissue 8dbl or 16 single~Reg.$7.99/Sale $3.99-$1.00 coupon ($2.99 (wow)
Ensure~ Reg. $14.99/Sale $9.99-$4.00 (cheque sent with samples)=$5.99/6pkg
Satin Care Shave Gel~2/$5.00-$2.00 coupon ($2/$3.00 or $1.50 each
Dove Go Fresh Bar Soap~$1.99-$1.00 coupon (dove booklet)=.99¢ each

Tide or Gain Laundry Detergetn~$5.49-$1.00 coupon (brandsaver)=$4.49
Bounce Sheet~5.49-.50¢ coupon (brandsaver)=$4.99
Always Pads~$5.99-$1.00 coupon ($4.99
L’Oreal Excellance or Excellance to Go~ $9.99-$3.00 coupon (Rouge Magazine)=$6.99
Secret Deodorant~$2.99-.50¢ coupon ($2.49
Dove Hair Care Products~$2.99-$1.50 coupon (smart source)=$1.49
Pampers Baby Dry, Cruisers~ $17.99-$2.00 coupon (smart source)=$15.99
Huggies~$17.99-$2.00 coupon (smart source)=$15.99
Nicorette Gum~$1.99-$5.00 coupon (bzz agent)=$6.99
Febreeze Candles~$5.99-$2.00 coupon ($3.99
Febreeze Noticeables Kit~$8.99-$3.00 coupon (brandsaver)=$5.99
Crest Pro Health Tooth Paste~$1.99-.75¢ coupon (brandsaver)=$1.24
Purex Laundry Detergent 1.89 L~$5.99-$1.00 coupon (with sample)=$4.99
Dove Go Fresh Mist or Antiperspirant~ $3.49-Buy 2 save $2.50coupon (dove booklet)=$4.48 or $2.24 each
International Delights~$1.79-Buy 2 save $1.00 coupon (store)=$2.58/2 or $1.29 each
Gardennay Soup~$1.99-Buy 2 save $1.00 coupon (store)=$2.98/2 or $1.49 each
Dr Oetker Pizza~$3.99-.50¢ coupon ($3.49
Banana Boat Products~$7.99-.75¢ coupon (shopper’s store coupon)=$7.24
Jergens Natural Glow Moisturizer~$8.99-$3.00 coupon (printable)=$5.99
Schick Intuition~$9.99-$2.00 coupn (store)=$7.99
Windex~2/$3.98- Buy 1 get one Free coupon (smart source)=$3.98/3 or $1.33 each

Electrasol/Finish~2/$6.00-$2.50 coupon (smart source)=$3.50/2 or $1.75 each (wow)

Nurti-Grain Bars~$1.97-$2.00 coupon (kellogg’s family size cereal box)=FREE!!
Eggo Waffles~$1.98-$2.00 coupon (kellogg’s family size cereal box)=FREE!!
Always Pads~3/$10.00-$1.00 coupon ($9.00/3 or $3.00 each
Dove Go Fresh Beauty Bar~2/$3.00-$1.00 coupon (dove booklet)=2/$2.00 or $1.00each
Secret Deodorant~2/$5.00-.50¢ coupon ($4.50/2 or $2.25 each
Crest Pro Health Toothpaste~2/$5.00-.75¢ coupon ($4.25/2 or $2.13 each
Magic Erasers~2/$5.00-Buy 2 save $2.00 coupon (brandsaver)=$3.00/2 or $1.50 each

Yoplait Tubes~Reg.$2.99/Sale $2.49-.50¢ coupon (gocoupons)=$1.99
Source Yogourt~Reg. $3.80/Sale $2.49-.50¢ coupon (gocoupons)=$1.99
Bick`s Pickles~2.49-Buy 2 get 1 FREE coupon (came with flyers)=$4.98/3 or $1.66 each
Pull-Ups~Reg.$19.49/Sale $16.99-$3.00 coupon (smart source)=$13.99
Little Swimmer~ Reg.$10.49/Sale $9.79-$2.00 coupon (smart source)=$7.79


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